The mission of the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Safety Commission is to:

  • Assess the campus climate and culture around campus safety;
  • Provide vision and guidance to the University in the delivery of campus safety services;
  • Engage in communication and develop a mutual understanding of roles and expectations between the community and UNC Police; and
  • Serve as a conduit for relaying information and concerns about campus policing policies, practices and related actions to the University administration and UNC Police.


The Campus Safety Commission voted to approve and adopt an official set of by-laws in April 2021. Read them here.


  • This Campus Safety Commission will be advisory to the Chancellor and the Chancellor’s senior leadership team
  • The Commission should strive for a highly collaborative partnership that will provide thoughtful insight into the safety and security needs of our diverse campus community by offering input and feedback related to campus safety.
  • The Commission will not provide direct oversight or management over UNC Police. Existing University policies, procedures and practices for dealing with complaints will continue to be utilized; however, the Commission will provide recommendations for improvements to such policies, procedures and practices.

Specific Duties

  • To serve as a liaison between UNC Police and the broader University community.
  • To provide valuable input on policies, programs and initiatives designed to enhance campus safety.
  • To receive complaints from the campus community regarding campus safety.
  • To function as a sounding board for UNC Chief of Police on various issues and/or areas of concern for the University community and the broader Chapel Hill/Carrboro communities.
  • To be informed on investigations or reviews involving campus security.
  • To prepare an annual report for the Chancellor on Campus Safety Commission activities to be delivered annually in May.

Committee Members and Structure

  • This 16-member Campus Safety Commission will consist of students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community.
  • Initial Safety Commission members have been appointed by the Chancellor; however, new members may be elected in future years: Additional subcommittees may be formed to address specific issues, as necessary.
  • Three co-chairs will lead the Commission, one from each of the following groups: students, faculty and staff.
  • All appointments shall be for two academic years, and all members are eligible for two terms of reappointment. Student appointments may vary in length depending on their graduation/student status.